Centre for Environmental Training  
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Australian Wastewater Courses

We currently offer the following wastewater courses throughout Australia. Courses reflect current regulatory requirements of the state in which they are offered.

On-site Wastewater Management Training Course
Land Capability Assessment for On-site Wastewater Management
Site and Soil Assessment for On-site Wastewater System Management and Design
Site and Soil Assessment Report Writing and Evaluation
Aerated Wastewater Treatment System and Secondary Treatment System Servicing and Maintenance
Domestic Greywater Management for Sustainable Reuse
Inspection and Troubleshooting of On-site Systems
Sand Filters and Mound Systems for On-site Wastewater Treatment
Decentralised Wastewater Systems
Hydraulics and Irrigation for On-site Wastewater Management
Package Treatment Plant Operation and Management
Reclaimed Water Management

The following courses are in development. Please register your interest if you would
like to attend.

Composting Toilet and Reed Bed Design and Construction 
Improved Homeowner Management of On-site Systems
Inspection and Assessment of On-site Systems at Property Transfer 
Monitoring of On-site System Performance
Occupational Health and Safety for On-site Wastewater Professionals 
Winery Wastewater Management